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mercoledì 19 settembre 2012

Champions League debut: Blaugrana win 3-2 over Spartak

Barcelona won the first match of the Champions League group but has difficulty to defeat Spartak. After 12 minutes Piqué is injured (out two-three weeks); Song (ex Arsenal) replaces Piquè. Spartak scored an own goal by Dani Alves and then goes ahead with Romulo (59').

Injured Puyol, mister Vilanova put Mascherano as central defender with Pique, on the outside there are Dani Alves and Adriano. In midfield there are Fabregas, Busquets and Xavi. Messi in attack returns from the first minute, Vilanova launches into the fray, the young Tello and to support Messi.

Spartak Moscow trying now to press the hosts in the first minutes of the game. Barcelona then immediately take the ball in the game and start the usual interminable typical possession. It is played nearly always in the half Russian, to the advantage of the hosts with an inspired Tello, who scores Dykan with a nice shot in turn.

It looks like the prelude to a goleada of Messi and company, but in the only offensive sortie, guests find a lucky par, with Dani Alves who scores own goal and returns the match in balance. Then the men of Vilanova react and pour in a determined way towards goal, finding in front of a well-organized defense. With every passing minute the occasions come, especially with the placement of midfielders, but the aim is not the best.

The second half began with the usual pattern: great possession of the hosts and control of the game. But to go ahead dramatically are the Russians, who make a perfect counterattack and pierce the Spanish defense with a nice phrasing. The men of Vilanova is thrown forward with his head down and began to grind the game.

To open the defense of Spartak thinks once again the young Tello that packs a perfect assist for Messi's equalizer. The same eight minutes after Messi disguises himself as a pure striker and finalize an excellent cross to head the newly entered Sanchez. From now until the end of the match FC Barcelona holds the ball and control a match that had started too uphill.

When things go wrong, we always think of the usual Messi to solve the problems of Barcelona. The 'Pulce' is well assisted by Tello and Sanchez and scores two goals in eight minutes, showing a sense of impressive goals. With a player like everything becomes easier.

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