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lunedì 3 marzo 2014

Cesc Fàbregas looking forward to '19 finals' - from Barcelona TV interview

Fabregas is 100 % certain that Barcelona can make a success of this season. ''We have to improve, but it’s all still in our hands'' he said on the ‘El Marcador’ show on Barça TV. ''We have 19 games ahead of us in the league, Champions League and cup, and if we win them all, then this will be a great season''. The midfielder believes FC Barcelona can win all their remaining matches and thus secure all three trophies.
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Cesc continue the interview on Barça Tv: ''We have to pull our socks up and show that we are hungrier than anyone else to win the league title. If we win every game we have left, we’ll be champions … I like to think that we’ll be there to the end in every competition. We have to treat these games like 19 finals''. Asked to speak about Sunday’s 4-1 win against Almeria, Cesc said that “it probably wasn’t our best game...(continue)

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